Program Description

Why Do Ethnographic Field Work in Israel?

The International School at the University of Haifa, in cooperation with the Anthropology Department, is currently offering a one or two semester practicum in ethnographic field work catering to graduate and undergraduate students from avariety of disciplines who are seeking short-term fieldwork abroad.

.• Israel has a rich socially diverse landscape from which to select fascinating and easily accessible research sites. Capitalizing on the diverse expertise of the Anthropology Department's faculty, potential field work topics may include:

o Political engagement and conflict management on both sides of the political divide.

o Jewish, Christian, Moslem and Druze ethnic identity, religious practices and inter-ethnic relations.

o Personal and Collective commemoration including Holocaust, Naqba, Diaspora heritage, Pre-State Founding Era.

o Israel's burgeoning ethnically diverse music, art and film scenes.

o Gender identities and relations in traditional religious and secular communities.

o Israel's reproductive technology, medical practices, and policy as hub for global research on health and wellness.

• The Anthropology Department and the International School provide a tight-knit supportive academic community.

• Partner with local graduate students working on related topics.

• Relationship building with faculty and students for possible future collaboration.

• Program tuition and monthly expenses are financially viable.


The Practicum

This program offers a one or two semester long practicum. Differing from other study abroad programs, this practicum prepares students for ethnographic fieldwork and facilitates a research project of their choice.

• Practicum instructors provide students with hands-on mentorship in the weekly practicum, assisting students in all stages of the fieldwork process:

-- Selecting a research site and entering their chosen field

-- Preparing a research design

-- Honing existing research skills

-- Feedback and group dialog throughout the research process

-- Formulating data findings to enrich new and existing research projects, to fulfill BA, MA or doctoral requirements at home universities (contingent upon home-university policy)


Course Work

Per semester, students will take a total of two required courses for a total of 9 credits.

• Weekly Practicum (beginners or advanced) that provides key skills in ethnographic interviewing and participant observation. (6 credits)

• One semester long course - selected from a wide range of available English language electives in the International School - related to student’s chosen fieldwork topic. (3 credits) Students may choose to take an optional language course – in Arabic or Hebrew(6 credits included in tuition)


Tuition and Fees

• 6000 USD for one semester, 10,000 USD for two semesters

• Includes health care


Admission Requirements

• Original documentation of undergraduate diploma and transcript from accredited institution of higher education

• Minimum 3.0 GPA, average of 80% or equivalent

• Two recommendation letters

• Personal statement

• Curriculum vitae/Resume

• TOEFL scores (if native language is not English)



The International School of the University of Haifa offers need-based scholarships for international students. Visit our website for additional scholarship opportunities.


Social Activities

In addition to our academic components, the Study Abroad Program offers an extensive program of trips and tours led by professional tour guides that enable students to acquire an exciting view of Israel's natural beauty and cultural sites.


Student Life

Numerous events and activities take place on campus throughout the semesters, including weekly concerts, lectures, conferences, and sports competitions. Study Abroad students are strongly encouraged to participate in these activities.



All students are eligible to live in student dormitories on campus or to receive assistance in finding financially reasonable shared accommodations off-campus.



Students are required to be covered by an Israeli health insurance company forthe duration of their studies. We work with the Harel Insurance Company and the health insurance covers all injuries or illnesses that occur while in Israel. Health insurance fees are included in the tuition.


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