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Full-Time Study Abroad

2021 - 2022 Academic Year
  Tuition Housing
    Single (Talia) Shared Single (Federman)* Double (Federman)
Full Year/ Gap Year $11,700 $3,952.50 $3,315 $2,805
Full Year + Internship Course (not available Fall 2021) $13,000  $3,952.50 $3,315 $2,805
Fall / Gap Semester $7,000 $1,627.50 $1,365 $1,155
Fall Semester + Internship Course (not available Fall 2021) $8,300 $1,627.50 $1,365 $1,155
Spring / Gap Semester $7,000 $1,860 $1,560 $1,320
Spring Semester + Internship Course $8,300 $1,860 $1,560 $1,320


On-Campus Housing Options (Pricing Listed in Tables)

 Single Room (Talia)- A single room in an apartment of 3-6 rooms. Each room has own private bathroom and shower, desk, closet, bed, and a/c. Each apartment has a shared kitchen for cooking and sitting.

*Shared Single Room (Federman)- A single room in an apartment of 3 rooms. Each room has a desk, closet, bed and a/c. Each apartment has a shared bathroom, shower, and kitchen for cooking and sitting (based on availability)

Double Room (Federman)- A double room (two people to a room) in an apartment of 3 rooms. Each room has two desks, beds, closets, and one a/c. Each apartment has a shared bathroom, shower, and kitchen for cooking and sitting.

 **Study Abroad/ Gap Year students please note- Availability of Federman dorm options will be based on COVID-19 and COVID-19 regulations.

***Internship options will only be available for Spring 2022 at this time and in accordance with COVID-19 regulations. This is subject to change.


Off-Campus Housing Options (Strongly Recommended)

Santa Maria Guest House Haifa

Pricing: 150 NIS a night (including breakfast)

To book your stay and for further questions/ information, please contact Santa Maria Guest House directly at: or contact Sahar directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Bethel Hostel Haifa

Pricing: ** NIS a night (breakfast not included)

To book your stay and for further questions/ information, please contact Bethel Hostel directly at:


G38 Boutique Rental Apartments

Standard Apartment: 200 NIS a night (breakfast not included)

Studio Apartment: 250 NIS a night (breakfast not included)

Superior Apartment: 300 NIS a night (breakfast not included) 

Delux Apartment: 400 NIS a night (breakfast not included) 

Delux Apartment with Bedroom: 450 NIS a night (breakfast not included) 

Premium Apartment: 480 NIS a night (breakfast not included) 

To view apartment styles and specifics, please see the following link:

To book your stay and for further questions/ information, please contact G38 Boutique Rental Apartments directly at:


**Please note that the above off-campus housing options are to be booked directly through the website of the property and are not in any way affiliated with the International School. They are suggestions only for off-campus housing. Pricing is subject to change at the discretion of the property.**



Graduate Programs - 2021-2022 Academic Year 

Program Tuition Service Fees* Housing
One-year Programs $10,600 $283 $465 per month
Dual-Degree in International Relations In Haifa $5,000 $283 $465 per month
In Warsaw €3,000 €200** €100-150 per month


* Service fees include campus Wi-Fi, Library services, on-campus Security and other services provided by the University. Please note that a mandatory Health Insurance for first year students is not included - Health Insurance rate TBA. Please note that It is mandatory for second and third-year graduate students to purchase health insurance and provide us the policy. Please contact us for more information.  

** Please verify with Warsaw University


Part-Time Study Abroad and Language Programs 2021-2022 Academic Year

Session Tuition 
Fall Semester Language Course $1,000 
Fall Semester Language Course for Israelis $920 
Fall Semester Academic Course  (3 Credits) $1,600
Spring Language Course Semester $1,000 
Spring Semester Language Course for Israelis $920
Semester Spoken Arabic Course $1,000
Spring Semester Academic Course (3 Credits) $1,600


Winter Programs 2022 Academic Year

Session Tuition Housing
    Single  Federman Single  Federman Double 
Hebrew Intensive Online Winter Language Program  $1,000 ----- ----- -----


Summer Programs

Summer 2022
Session  Tuition Housing  
    Single Federman Single Federman Double
July Language Program  $1,400 $465 $390 $330
August Language Program  $1,400 $465 $390 $330
July + August Language Programs   $2,200 $930 $780 $660

 *Federman single/ double is only based on availability and COVID-19 regulations

Please Note:

  • All fees are in US Dollars.
  • There is a non-refundable $80 application processing fee for all study abroad and language programs and $140 for graduate programs
  • Students registered for study abroad programs are required to make a $250 non-refundable deposit for the program and the dorms. Graduate programs students are required to make a $1,000 deposit within 21 days of acceptance into the program. 
  • Tuition for all full-time programs includes social activity fees and health insurance.
  • Dormitory accommodations are available during the one-year, semester and degree programs only to those students enrolled in full-time programs of study. Dormitories are also available for students during summer programs based on availability.
  • Meal plans are not provided in the dorms; students should plan to spend $500-$600 per month for food, independent travel, and incidental expenses. You may need a bit more for the first month to cover initial purchases of household items and books.
  • Part-time students are permitted to take up to two courses on an individual payment basis in any one semester. Part-time students are not eligible for campus housing and cannot use campus services such as the library. Students who are interested in taking more than two courses will need to apply as full-time students and will pay the fees of full-time students.
  • Books and workbooks for language courses are an added cost and not included in tuition and fees.
  • Exchange Students and Exchange MA Students: 

    Please note: Exchange students must pay, dorm fees (if living in dorms), activities fees, and health insurance. Exchange students are not eligible for scholarships and financial aid.

  • MA study abroad students who choose to enroll in English-language courses from the University of Haifa International School masters’ programs or courses from the regular University of Haifa will need to extend their time in the dorms and their health insurance at an added cost. This is because these courses are on a different semester schedule and classes end later than regular Study Abroad courses.

  • Please also note: The International School at the University of Haifa reserves the right to change/ cancel any programs up to one month before the start of that program.

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