Arab Culture and Civilization Track


This track offers in-depth curricula in Arab culture and civilization and language. Students must take a minimum of 2 courses linked to the Study Track during any one semester to be 'officially' registered in the track and for it to appear on the transcript.


The Arab-Israeli Conflict (Fall)

Arab-Israeli Relations (Spring)

Contemporary Arab Thought and Culture (Fall)

Middle East Social and Cultural History (Fall)

The Palestinian-Arab Citizens of Israel: Politics, Society, and Culture (Spring)

Women in the Arab World (Spring)


Arabic Language

Spoken Levantine Arabic

Spoken Arabic Semester Course: Beginners 1 (Fall and Spring)

Spoken Arabic Semester Course: Beginners 2 (Spring)


Semester Modern Standard Arabic Language Courses 

Modern Standard Arabic: Elementary

Modern Standard Arabic: Intermediate

*Please Note: Course levels change each session depending on the participating students.

Students are welcome to participate for a semester or a full academic year. 

The "Arab Culture and Civilization Track" will appear on your transcript.



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