Event | Justifying Genocide

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Thursday, January 19th, 2017

14:30 – 16:00

HCGES Colloquium: Guest Lecture and Open Discussion

“Justifying Genocide - Germany and the Armenians from Bismarck to Hitler”

By Prof. Stefan Ihrig

Location: Room 570, 5th Floor, Education Building 

Dr. Stefan Ihrig, Associate Professor, Department of General History and HCGES, University of Haifa, is a historian working on various themes of European and Middle Eastern History. In his lecture, he will show the uncanny German-Turkish relation.

In his lecture Prof. Ihrig History will discusses astounding aspects of German-Turkish history. The Armenian Genocide and the Nazi Holocaust are often thought to be separated by a large distance in time and space. But they were much more connected than previously thought. Bismarck and then Wilhelm II staked their foreign policy on close relations with a stable Ottoman Empire. To the extent that the Armenians were restless under Ottoman rule, they were a problem for Germany too. From the 1890s onward Germany became accustomed to excusing violence against Armenians, even accepting it as a foreign policy necessity. For many Germans, the Armenians represented an explicitly racial problem and despite the Armenians’ Christianity, Germans portrayed them as the “Jews of the Orient.”
Many Germans before World War I sympathized with the Ottomans’ longstanding repression of the Armenians and would go on to defend vigorously the Turks’ wartime program of extermination. After the war the “great genocide debate” German nationalists first denied and then justified genocide in sweeping terms. The Nazis too came to see genocide as justifiable: in their version of history, the Armenian Genocide had made possible the astonishing rise of the New Turkey.


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