Summer Session 1: July 1st- July 25th, 2019

Summer Session 2: August 5th- August 29th, 2019


The Intensive Hebrew Summer Ulpan brings students from over 40 countries to the University of Haifa to study Hebrew in one of the most effective language learning programs in Israel. The Ulpan is designed for those who want to immerse themselves in an intensive language acquisition experience that is personally enriching as well as academically demanding. Instruction is offered on all levels from beginning to advanced.The Summer Ulpan is divided into two independent four-week sessions, each offering all levels of proficiency. Students may register for either or both sessions.



Classes are held Sundays through Thursdays in the mornings for five academic hours per day, with the possibility of 1-2 Friday morning classes during the session. In addition to learning through textbooks, classes will also involve video sessions, work in the language laboratory, student presentations, and visits to sites on campus such as the Hecht Museum. In addition, classes will have the opportunity each week to listen to a guest lecturer speak about different aspects of life in Israel today, such as women in Israeli society or religion and state in Israel. While the more advanced classes will listen to the lectures and participate in discussions, the beginners’ classes will prepare questions for their guests and hold their own interviews in simple Hebrew.

At the beginning of the Ulpan, students will take a written and oral placement exam. This exam will be used to place students in the most appropriate class for their level of proficiency. In the afternoons students are expected to prepare their homework  which should take approximately 3 hours daily. There will be mid-term and final examinations. Each Ulpan session awards 5 academic credits for 100 hours of class work.

For detailed syllabi on each level, see our course catalog. For a list of books used in each level click here.

Placement Exam

Click here  to download the Hebrew Placement Test. It is mandatory to fill out as much as you can and then return it to the Admissions Office via email upon completion of your online application. If you are a beginner, then please write this in the lined section on the first page of the test. Please email all exams to:

Co-Curricular Activities
Each Ulpan session will offer a wide range of social activities, including  trips, lectures, and celebrations.  Participation is optional.

Tuition and Fees
For Intensive Hebrew Summer Ulpan tuition and fees, please click here.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
For information regarding scholarships and financial aid, please click here.

Students are welcome to live in the dormitory facilities on campus on campus.

The Ulpan is open to all students above the age of 18 with a high school diploma as well as adult learners.  Please click here for application process and deadlines.

Social Activities

July Intensive Ulpan 2018: Social Activities Calendar

August Intensive Ulpan 2018: Social Activities Calendar

Study Abroad


Interested in studying a language this summer? Join us for our intensive Hebrew and Arabic language programs this July and August:

Hebrew Intensive Summer Programs אולפני קיץ

Spoken Arabic Intensive July Program اللغة العربية العامية

Registration is now open and scholarships are available! To apply click here

We are happy to announce that registration for our 2019-2020 Fall and Academic Year programming is now open! 

To apply for Fall 2019, please see the following link


Jerusalem Arabic Brochure

We are happy to announce our brand new Levantine Spoken Arabic Course for Spring 2019.

The course is open to all students above the age of 18 with a high school diploma, as well as adult learners.

No prior knowledge of the language is required. To apply, click here.


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