Spring Semester
Course Number: 702.2186.01B
Dr. Andrea Ghermandi
3 Credits

Israel is rated as one of the most advanced countries in the world for the management of water and renewable energy resources, and as a leader in developing innovative and sustainable technologies. This course focuses on the environmental challenges and innovative solutions that were developed in Israel to conserve the natural environment and make efficient use of the available natural resources. The course is organized in three modules: water resources management; renewable energy systems; and sustainable agricultural techniques. Particular emphasis is given on sectors in which Israel achieves global excellence, such as water conservation and recycling, desalination, solar energy and drip irrigation. Classroom learning is supplemented with study trips to familiarize the students with the concepts and application of green technologies in Israel. Upon completion of this course the students will have a good understanding of the potential environmental and economic impacts of green technologies in Israel and globally, and their role in promoting sustainable environmental management practices.

Discipline: ECO, POL

Course Syllabus


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