Summer Course
3 Days/Week
Course Number: 702.2147
Michal Zeevi-Bender
3 Credits


Founded some 64 years ago by pioneering “entrepreneurs,” Israel’s first successful start-up was the country itself. Since then, Israel has earned a reputation as one of the most active hubs for innovation, second only to Silicon Valley. Its ventures gain their founders multibillion dollars worth of “exits” every year, promoting the country as an attractive target for acquisitions. In addition, the country’s outstanding talent has also attracted giant global players such as Intel, Google, Microsoft and Apple, which have all established prominent R&D centers within these borders.

Challenged with few natural resources and political complexities, this small country has established itself as a leader in business innovation, and is responsible for numerous products and services that are part of the daily lives of people around the world. What are the distinctive characteristics of the Israeli hi-tech industry, and what is its role in the global economy? This course will tackle this question and shed light on these issues.

Discipline: ECON, BUS 

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