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Course Catalogue for Master's Programs

NEW - starting Fall 2017, mandatory introductory course for all International MA Students:

Israel: Society and Policy Development - Past, Present and a Projection into the Future



Archaeo-zoology (119.4800 - Dr. Reuven Yeshurun)
Prehistoric Colonization (119.4805 - Dr. Ron Shimelmitz)
Department Seminar (119.3700)
Palynology (Prof. Mina Evron)
The Prehistory of Mt. Carmel and the Galilee (119.4806 - Dr. Reuven Yeshurun)
Experimental Archaeology and Use-Wear Analysis (119.4807 - Dr. Iris Groman-Yaroslavski)
Introduction to lithic technology (119.4802 - Dr. Ron Shimelmitz)
Galilee Field Campus (119.4813 - Dr. Danny Rosenberg)
Negev Field Campus (119.4811 - Prof. Dani Nadel)
Selected Topics in Prehistory: Seminar (119.4815 - Prof. Dani Kaufman)
Mount Carmel Field Campus: Workshop (119.4812 - Dr. Reuven Yeshurun, Prof. Dani Nadel)

Near Eastern Prehistory (119.4803 - Dr. Yossi Zaidner)



Master of Arts in Child Development

Cognitive and Language Development and Emerging Literacy
Child development in a cross- cultural perspective
Developmental Neuroscience
Developmental Prevention and Intervention Methods
Developmental Psychopathology
Parenting and Attachment
Psychological Assessments of Young Children
Selected Issues in Child Development Research
Statistics for Developmental Sciences
Advanced Developmental Psychology
Selected Topics in Applied Developmental Sciences
Final Project Seminar
Observation Methods - Children, Parents, Child Care Settings, Pre-schools and Schools: Workshop

Master of Arts in Diplomacy Studies (and Dual-Degree Master of Arts in International Relations)

The New Diplomacy: Structure, Technology and Processes (205.4692 - Fall Semester) Dr. Ehud Eiran
Theories of Diplomacy (205.4691 - Fall Semester) Prof. Ben Mor
Human Rights, Ethics and Diplomacy (205.4694 - Spring Semester) Prof. Michael L. Gross
International Diplomacy and Communication (205.5509 - Spring Semester) Prof. Avi Ben-Zvi
Elective Courses:
    • Diplomatic Simulation (205.4693 - Fall Semester) Dr. Carmela Lutmar
    • The Arab Israeli Conflict (205.4690 - Spring Semester) Prof. Zach Levey
    • National and Ethnic Minorities in Europe: Historical and Comparative Perspectives (Spring Semester) Dr. Ayelet Banai



Master of Arts in German and European Studies  

Basic Principles of German Law
Colloquium: Topics in German and European Studies
Comparative Welfare Policies in the EU and Israel
Democratization in Central and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Perspective
Germany and Sports
German Cinema
German Language
German Modern History
Introduction to the European Union
Introduction to German Society
Introduction to the German Economy
Israeli-German Relations, 1948-1992
Modern European History
Modern German Literature
Research Methods
The Defense and Security Policy of the EU
The European Human Rights Convention
Trends in German Culture

MPH in Global Health Leadership and Administration

Introduction to Global Public Health (including Social Determinants of Health) (286.4700 - Sharon Sznitman)
Theories & Models of Health Behavior (286.4734 - Sharon Sznitman)
Environmental & Occupational Health (286.4721 - Eric Amster)
Epidemiology & Analysis of Epidemiological Data (286.4720 - Eric Amster)
Biostatistics & SAS (286.4706 - Ruchama Elad-Yarum)
Introduction to Public Health Policy, Administration & The Israeli Health System (286.4702 - Gil Hirschhorn)
Research Methods (286.4725 - Manfred Green)
Global Health Systems (286.4704 - Richard Schuster)
Health Economics (286.4740 - Aviad Tur-Sinai)
Organization & Management (286.4741 - Shai Tzafrir)
Leadership & Management (286.4742 - Richard Schuster)
Developing Community Health Promotion Projects (286.4705 - Shiran Bord)
Finance (286.4743 - Nissim Ben David)
Leadership Seminar Series (286.4744 - Richard Schuster)
Practicum (286.5700 - Manfred Green / Richard Schuster)
Capstone (286.5711 - Manfred Green / Richard Schuster)
Global Strategies in Maternal & Child Health (286.4770 - Lisa Rubin)
Ethical Dilemmas & Human Rights in Public Health (286.4738 - Maya Peled-Raz)
Managing Health Communication Initiatives (286.4757 - Nehama Lewis)
Management in International Organizations (Neale Chumbler)
Sexual and Reproductive Health (286.4763 - Bill Fisher)
Sociology of Health & Illness;(286.4166 - Sharon Sznitman)
Practicum Elective (286.5700 - Manfred Green / Richard Schuster)
Psychological and Behavioral Factors in Global Health (Krisstal Clayton)
Vaccines (Manfred Green)
Community Health (Shiran Bord)


MBA in Sustainability (Global Green MBA)

Managerial Economics (8105) - Dr. Sagi Akron
Information Systems (8150) - Dr.David Bodoff
Principles of Sustainability (8200) - Dr.Andrea Ghermandi
Environmental Law and Policy (8205) - Mr.Scott Mortman
Resource and Environmental Economics (8210) - Dr. David Katz
International Organizational Behavior and management (8252) - Dr. Michal Biron
Marketing Management (8130) - Dr. Yoel Asseraf
Quantative methods (8100) - Dr. Hagai Kupermintz
Environmental impact assessment (8215) - Dr. Tamar Trop
Financial accounting (8110) - Prof. Lewis Shaw
Financial Management (8115) - Dr. Roni Manos
Business strategy (8165) - Dr. Nir Brueller
Financial Statements Analysis (0.5) (8120) - Dr. Baranes
Environmental Management Systems (8220) - Prof. Ofira Ayalon
Cleantech (8235) - Dr.Andrea Ghermandi
Project Management (8160) - Dr. Dora Zall
Marketing Strategy (8135) - Dr. Kimberlee Weaver
Environmental systems analysis (8245) - Dr. Mashor Housh
Business game (8155)
Green entrepreneurship (8250) - Dr. Kobi Inbar
Applied Project (8240) - Dr. Andrea Ghermandi


The Weiss-Livnat International Master of Arts in Holocaust Studies

Anthropology of Memory (not offered 2016-2017) 127.8006
The Holocaust in the Former Soviet Union 127.8035
Methodological Workshop (not offered 2016-2017)



International MBA

Behavioral Science
Business and Law Convergence
Business Game
Business Strategy
Business with China
Business with Japan
Culture and Business in India
Entrepreneurship and International Business
Ethics in Business
Financial Accounting
Financial Management
Financial Statements Analysis
Information Systems
International Business Law
International Business Negotiation
International Finance
International Organizational Behavior and Management
International Taxation
Managerial Accounting
Managerial Economics
Managing Organizations
Marketing Management
Marketing Strategy
Project Management
Quantitative Methods



Master of Arts in Israel Studies

Archeology & Nationalism (115.4970 - Dr. Judith Bronstein) Fall
From ideology to practice – the Jewish settlements in Eretz-Israel 1882- 1914 (115.4971 - Dr. Esther Yankelvich) Fall
Arab-Jewish Relations in Mandatory Palestine (115.4968 - Dr. Moshe Naor) Fall
The Israeli Policy (Dr. Asaf Shamis) Spring
Modern Israeli Society (115.4966 - Prof. Oz Almog) Spring
Israeli Stories: Page, Stage & Screen (Dr. Myriam Sivan) Spring
Zionism, anti-Zionism and post-Zionism: A History of Ideas (Dr. Arie Dubnov) Summer



Master of Arts in Jewish Studies

Israel, Canaan, Philistia, under the Great Empires 1300-333 BCE
Prophets and Kings between North and South
The Dead Sea Scrolls in their Context
Archaeology and Urban Politics: Hazor, Dan, Meggido, Dor.
Sepphoris and Tiberias: Regionalcultural productions, rivalries and exchange.
From Midrash to the Genizah.
Eschatological expectations and apocalyptic literature in Byzantine Palestine.
Conversion in Rabbinic Literature: From the academies of Tiberias to the Rivers of Babylon
Saints and pilgrims of the middle ages.
Mysticism, Law and Renaissance in Safed at the 16th century.
Lurianic Kabbalah in depth.
Aggadic Midrash in the Cairo Genizah: From a Galilean Cradle to Mediterranean Spread.
The Land of Israel in Early Modern Jewish Thought and Philosophy.
Midrash in the making, From Qumran to the Modern Edition.
Apocalypse across the Ages: Armageddon and the Messiah from Mt. Arbel.
Field Course (a day excursion for each):1. Megido, Hazor and Dan; 2. Beit Sharim and Sepphoris; 3. Safed; 4. Haifa.



MSc in Marine Geosciences

Coastal Geomorphology: Field Trip
DMG Colloquium
Educational Cruise
Geochemical Oceanography
Geology of the Eastern Mediterranean
Geology of Marine Sediments
Geophysical Investigation of the Marine Environment                                                                                   
Interdisciplinary School Seminar
Introduction to Geology                                                                                                                                              
Introduction to Geophysics
Marine Geology of Mt. Carmel, Exploring the Cretaceous Seafloor: Field Trip
Natural Energy
New Frontiers in Marine Research
Numerical Methods in Physics of Continuum
Paleolimnology of the Dead Sea Region: Field Trip                                                                                           
Physical Oceanography
Processes in Marine Geology
Processing and Analysis of Seismic Data: Workshop
Scientific Writing and Research Presentation
Seafloor Morphology
Seismic Data Interpretation
Seismic Processing and Imaging
Signals Analysis – Fundamentals and Application                                                                                                              
Tectonics of the Oceans                                                                                                                                               
Topics in Coastal Geomorphology
Two-Phase Flow
Underwater Geoarchaeology in Caesarea                                                                                                                                           



Master of Arts in Maritime Civilizations

Coastal Archaeology and Ecology
Field Trips to the Coastal Sites of Israel
Interdisciplinary Seminar
International Law of the Sea
Introduction to Mediterranean Maritime Civilizations (B):from Archaic Greece to the Ottoman Empire
Introduction to Mediterranean Maritime Civilizations (A): the Bronze and Iron Ages       
Introduction to the Mediterranean Sea: Ecology, Geology and Oceanography    
Marine and Coastal Research Methods 
Marine Zooarchaeology
Mediterranean Fisheries and Aquaculture: Past, Present and Future      
Mediterranean: From the Bronze Age to the End of the Iron Age             
Scientific Applications in Maritime Archaeology
Seminar on Global Sea Level Changes and Their Effect on Human Civilizations    
Seminar on Sea Trade and Interregional Interactions in the                         
Ship and Marine Installations: A Model-Building Workshop
The Historiography of the Mediterranean
Underwater Archaeology            



Master of Arts in National Security Studies

Approaches to Political Science* (Prof. Gabriel Ben-Dor) 
The National Security of Israel (Dr. Dan Schueftan) Closed 
Economics and National Security* (Prof. Norman Bailey)
Security: The Practioners' Perspective (Dr. Dan Schueftan) Closed
Human Rights, Ethics and Diplomacy* (Prof. Gad Barzilai) 
Intelligence and National Security (Ephraim Lapid) Closed
The Evolution of War : The information and Cyber Age (Dr. Yaniv Levyatan‎‏)
The Middle East in World Politics* (Dr. Oded Eran)  
Diplomacy in International Crisis Management: Theory and Policy (Dr. Nehemia Geva)
* This course is open for Diplomacy and Peace & Conflict Management students

Theories and issues in intergroup conflict – Dr. Keren Sharvit
Research Methods in Peace and Conflict Studies – Dr. Carmela Lutmar
Paths to Peace: Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding and Reconciliation – Dr. Ran Kuttner
Practicum – Dr. Keren Sharvit
Elective Courses
  • Regional Conflicts: Between War and Peace – Prof. Benny Miller
  • Building Consensus: Basic Negotiation, Mediation and Facilitation Skills – Dr. Ran Kuttner
  • Political Islam – Prof. Itzhak Weisman
  • Community Conflict and Civil Society – Dr. Harry Frey (yearly course)
  • Multi-Track Diplomacy: Transforming Violent Conflict – Prof. Edy Kaufman
  • Community Conflict and Civil Society – Dr. Harry Frey (yearly course)
  • Peacekeeping Operations: A New Tool for World Order? – Dr. Chen Kercher
  • Geopolitics of the Middle East – Dr. Ronen Zeidel
  • Leadership and Conflict Management: Cross-Fertilization – Dr. Ran Kuttner



Master of Arts in Statistics

Applied Statistics I
Algorithms for Data Analysis
Stochastic Process with Applications
Statistical Inference
Applied Statistics II
Statistical Learning Theory
Analysis of  Large and High Dimensional Data Sets
Statistical Consulting Project
Internship/Statistical Practice 


In addition to the Master programs' courses, you may register for the language courses below. Please verify course schedules prior to registration to avoid any confusion. 

Hebrew Language Semester

Modern Standard Arabic Course