Women in Israel

Spring Semester
Course Number:702.2130
Esther Carmel-Hakim
3 Credits

For several decades historians have been adding female experiences and female accomplishments to our picture of the past. In this course we shall survey this new historical narrative and test the “myth of equality between men and women” in pre-state Israel and in the State of Israel. We will study the lives and status of women in the light of the reality of women’s lives and different types of settlements in the following periods: the end of the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate and the State of Israel. Students will read, view and discuss a wide variety of primary and secondary texts—including articles and personal documents--in order to understand how Jewish women experienced their lives. We will explore ways in which women acted creatively to affect social change, and the projects and organizations they formed to combat gender prejudice and discrimination. 
Discipline: HIST, ANTH, SOC