Study Abroad Supplemental Application Forms

The following is a list of the supplemental forms that are requested in the online application.  If you need an extra copy of any of these forms, you can download it here.  If you haven't yet completed the online application, please click on "Apply Now" to begin or resume your application.  


Academic Forms

Academic Recommendation Form

Internship Application Form

Study Abroad Approval Form

Terms and Conditions Contract

Transcript Request Form


Dormitories and Finance

Dormitory Check-in/ Check-Out Form

Dormitory Contract

Financial Aid Application

Financial Terms and Conditions Contract

Presidential Merit Application


Health Forms

Health Insurance Instructions

Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance Registration Form

Health Services in Haifa

Mandatory Medical Forms


Informational Guides

Arrival to the University of Haifa

What to Bring List


Language Placement Exams

Arabic Placement Exam (Semester)

Arabic Placement Exam (Summer)

Hebrew Placement Exam




Study Abroad Staff


Director, Study Abroad

Ms. Michal Morgenstern Laor



Undergraduate Marketing and Recruitment

Ms. Michal Gottlieb


Academic Advisor

Dr. Miryam Sivan



Undergraduate Admission

Mr Jason Hochman



Student Affairs Coordinator

Ms. Sivan Shovaly



Finance Director

Ms. Keren Hashimshony


Meet Our Students


Laura Munoz

Fall 2015

George Washington University

Why Haifa? I think one of the main reasons for me, as an International affairs major, is that Haifa is conidered as an ISLAND OF PEACE.

What is the International School for you? Home!

Learned about Haifa? Surprising amount of coexistence, acceptance, and a lot of positive vibes between people.


      Oluwafunmike Abisoy

      Fall 2015

      Boston University

      Why Haifa? I really wanted to study abroad in Israel. At first it was between Israel and Morocco then, during my study abroad fair, I met with a former UHaifa student, put my information down, and started corresponding with the admissions. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to come to Haifa.

   What do you like most about Haifa? The International School is just one big happy family and it is my home away from home.