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Media in the Arab World

Fall Semester
Course Number: 702.2182
Mary Totry
3 Credits

The course will survey the development of printed and electronic media in the Arab world since the advent of the 19th century to the present day, emphasizing the most important landmarks. The course will survey Western media in the Arabic language as well and its role in shaping public opinion in the Arab world. Part of the course will be devoted to analyzing digital media (satellite TV stations as well as the Internet developed in the 90s). A large part will be devoted to analyzing social media (Facebook, Twitter ...) which played an important role in the Arab Spring. The course will also deal with Palestinian media.

Course Syllabus

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Meet Our Student


Daliza Carela

Fall 2015

Suny Albany New York.

Why Haifa? One the reasons why I came were because of the program offered by my University.

I have began taking Arabic for a semester back home... significant portion of the population is Arabic speaking and I heard about the diversity of the city and wanted to come to Israel. 

What is the International School for me?  A place where I am constantly challenged to learn.