Lilach Bareket

Lilach  Student Exchange and International Agreements

Lilach was born in Israel and has lived in Haifa for most of her life. She has an MSc from the Technion, Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Management specializing  in Organizational Research. Her BA is from the University of Haifa in Sociology and Management of Educational Systems. Lilach has worked at the University for the past 10 years and was responsible of various community projects and social activities for the Department of Social Involvement of the Dean of Student's Office.  Before, she worked  for four years as a Staff Coordinator at "Minhal Hastudentim" in Haifa, a joint office of the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption dedicated to the needs of students who are new immigrants. Today, Lilach is responsible for the university's student exchange program, sending Israeli students for a semester or a year to study abroad and as part of that, helping to promote institutional agreements with partner universities around the world.