Computer Facilities

There are computers and computer labs available throughout the University campus as well as in the dormitories for student use. Our PC computers are are equipped with internet and Microsoft software programs. In order to print, students will need to purchase a print card. Hours of the computer rooms vary depending on location.

In addition, wireless internet access is available from a variety of locations on campus (though not in the individual rooms of the student dormitories).  Students who have laptops with built-in Wi-Fi will be able to use their laptops to connect to the internet.

There is no internet service in individual rooms in the dormitories. Students who want internet service in their rooms will need to first open a phone line or cable service, and then make arrangements with one of the Israeli internet providers (this option is not available for short summer programs). However, most international students agree that there are plenty of computers available throughout campus, and that it is not necessary to arrange for internet in their rooms.

Computer labs are located at the following locations:

Opening hours are:

Sunday- Thursday: 7:30-21:30 and Friday: 7:30-13:30

You may use the computers in all these labs as long as no scheduled classes are taking place.