The International School encourages all of its students to participate in a variety of volunteer options. While volunteering is not a requirement of students who study in the International School, we strongly encourage all students to participate. It allows the student to meet and develop close connections with Israelis and to understand more about many of the social problems affecting Israel. This endeavor also provides the student with an opportunity to leave their mark in Israel before returning to their home country. Transportation to volunteer placements within Haifa is the responsibility of the student.  

**Students please note, volunteering will be on three specific days a week. The days, place options, and times of volunteering will be announced at the beginning of the semester.**



     Meet Our Students


     Romarine Benchetrit-Brun 21, ILERI- School of International Relations Paris, France

     Why Haifa?

      I chose Haifa University because the International School offers quite a few courses related to my field of study, National Security, and I knew studying in Haifa would be a great experience.


What do you like most about Haifa?

The feeling of being welcomed and taken care of here. This place feels like my home away from home. The best part are the trips and tours, and of course the beach.