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Nursing in the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Health Care

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(July 3 - July 27, 2017) 

 At the University of Haifa we will be offering a four-week summer semester (taught in English) which includes three courses for registered nurses who already hold a Bachelor's Degree and/or for nurses enrolled in a Master's Degree Program.  This semester provides an opportunity to join other international students in the beautiful diverse city of Haifa, Israel, situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  These courses will discuss the rapidly changing landscape of health care, where nurses are a crucial part of the global workforce in hospitals, clinics and community settings. 

*Students are required to take a minimum of two courses.

** Course openings dependent on registration


World Health Issues and the Transcultural Role of the Health Professional - 3 Credits

Cheryl Zlotnich, RN, DrPh

In the course, we will explore some unique roles of the nurse here in Israel, including making visits to nurses on the Kibbutz, an Israeli commune, and in youth villages or boarding schools. Perspectives will include the health care environment at a programmatic, regional, nationwide and global scale.  Examples will be drawn from Israel, the United States, and several other countries around the world.  


Glimpses of the Israeli Health System in Practice (Field Experiences) - 3 Credits

Dalit Wilhelm, RN, M.A. 

Most learning experiences for this course will be on site.  Students will be able to engage in many observational experiences by visiting several unique services sites such as the Drop of Milk (Tipat Halav) program, a national and award-winning program in which all newborns in Israel receive multiple screenings and health care; and a Continuing Community Care Program in which patients rely heavily on technology (e.g., respirators, infusions, specialty equipment) and are receiving services at home.


The Patient-Professional Relationship: Beyond Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma - 3 Credits

Hadass Goldblatt, MSW PhD

In the course professionals will learn about the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral impact resulting from their therapeutic encounters with trauma survivors.  This important topic encompasses sensitive issues such as secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, moral distress and burnout, as well as compassion satisfaction, vicarious post-traumatic growth, and resilience. Trauma not only has an impact on the professionals' work relationships and competency, but can also spill-over into their private lives.  Thus, this course examines (1) theoretical and clinical aspects of the multi-faceted impact of trauma on the health professionals, and (2) sensitive and unspoken issues in the therapeutic encounter and professionals' modes of coping with them.    


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Tuition and Fees:

2 Mandatory Courses: $4,000

1 Elective Course (additional): $1500

Tuition includes:

  • Academic courses
  • Health Insurance
  • Field Experience
  • Trips and Social Activities
  • Transportation for Program Activities


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