Internship Programs

Jump Start Your Career with an Internship

Students who are interested in an internship must apply before the semester begins. In addition to their application for admission, they will need to complete a supplemental application for the internship program. Upon admission to the International School and receipt of the internship program application, the Internship Coordinator will be in touch with the student about possible internship locations.


The International School offers students the opportunity to integrate career-related internships together with their studies during their time on campus. Special efforts are made for students who request specific internships relating to their career paths and study majors, and each placement takes into consideration the specific professional and academic interests of the student. 

Students may enroll in one internship, fieldwork course or directed reading/research per semester.

Internship Syllabus

Internship Placement List by Major  

Career Development Course:

The Career Development course is the academic component running in parallel with the professional internship placement program. The course offers direct mentoring in an enabling environment to help students apply management tools to their internship work. Students will have the opportunity to tie-in the theoretical/ academic material of the course, with the applied skills of their internship experience. The course will cover topics such as: aligning professional paths using diagnostic tools such as personal SWOT analysis and values clarification, navigating organizational dynamics in the workplace, effective communication and presentation skills, project management in the workplace and budgeting as an effective management tool, etc.

Career Development Course Syllabus Syllabus


 Meet Our Students

Hannah M

Hannah Michlmayr 

Spring 2014

Boston University 

"Interning at Ofakim is one of the most rewarding experiences in the health science/therapy field that I have been involved with thus far.

I gained such incredible insight, and was able to actually work with clients and learn so much from them.