Hanan Alexander


Dean of Students
Head, International School
Email: hanana@edu.haifa.ac.il

Hanan Alexander is Professor of Philosophy of Education and Dean of Students at the University of Haifa, where he heads the International School and the Center for Jewish Education. A past chair of Haifa's Department of Education, he is also a Senior Research Fellow in the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. His research interests include political, moral, spiritual, religious, and Jewish education and the philosophy of social research. Educated at UCLA, Stanford, and the Jewish Theolgical Seminary, Alexander has taught philosophy and educational studies at the American Jewish University where he was Academic Vice President, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Bar Ilan University, the Gradate Theological Union, and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He has also served as Editor of the journal Religious Education, Richard and Rhonda Goldman Visting Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and Visiting Fellow in St. Edmund's College, Cambridge University.