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Contemporary Arab Thought and Culture

Fall and Spring Semester
Course Number: 702.2137
Dr. Rana Zaher
3 Credits 

This course offers an interdisciplinary overview of the central aspects of contemporary Arab thought and culture. Using academic research, textual and media resources, and literature from both the Arab realm and elsewhere, we will examine a range of fields relevant to an understanding of the contemporary Arab world: historical background, political agendas, language varieties, literary traditions, and social constructs. The course will present ample educational opportunities and experiences to promote analytic skills and insights into another culture and its complexities. 

Discipline: HIS, POL, SOC

Course Syllabus Spring 2014

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Ms. Michal Morgenstern Laor



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 Dr. Miryam Sivan



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      Oluwafunmike Abisoy

      Fall 2015

      Boston University

      Why Haifa? I really wanted to study abroad in Israel. At first it was between Israel and Morocco then, during my study abroad fair, I met with a former UHaifa student, put my information down, and started corresponding with the admissions. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to come to Haifa.

   What do you like most about Haifa? The International School is just one big happy family and it is my home away from home.