Arms Control in the Nuclear Realm

Spring Semester
Course Number:702.2180
Dr. Emily Landau
3 Credits

This course will focus on the notion of nuclear arms control, as understood from the perspective of international relations studies. The course will highlight the strategic dilemmas that states face when they attempt to negotiate arms control agreements in the non-conventional realm, and the strategic significance of the agreements themselves. The issues that will be examined include the history of attempts to negotiate arms control agreements, including the experience in the Middle East in the early 1990s; the goals that states aspire to in their efforts to conclude arms control agreements; the different international contexts for negotiating arms control (UN, regional frameworks, bilateral dialogues) and the role of strong powers; and the norms that are reflected in and reinforced by agreements that have been reached. 

Conceptually, controlling the negative effects of nuclear weapons will be examined and discussed in light of the two major traditions that developed over the course of the second half of the 20th Century: disarmament (with its focus on weapons), and "stabilization of relations" (with its focus on states).  Empirically, beyond the historical cases, strong emphasis will be on the two major proliferation challenges of the post-Cold War period - Iran and North Korea - from the perspective of the arms control dilemmas that they have raised, and the new strategies that are being tested. 
Discipline: POL

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