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The University's researchers continue to piece together the details of the lives of our common human ancestors and the beginnings of agriculture as we know it.
Last week the media reported on the Institute of Evolution's mapping of the genomes of early agricultural seeds, and also Prof. Dani Nadel of the Zinman Institute of archeology has published joint research in NATURE on the earliest DNA found in the Middle East. 12,000 years ago, it appears there were three genetic populations living in the area: from Iran, from the Levant (Israel and Jordan) and from Anatolia (Turkey). "We knew that during thousands of years after the beginning of the agricultural revolution there were many migrations in the ancient Near East and Europe, resulting in new genetically 'mixed' populations, but we did not know what was happening right in the cradle of the [agricultural] revolution - where and when it all began". These findings represent another vital piece in the jigsaw.
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An article on University of Haifa's new acquisition for advancements in deep-sea research. 
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Texas A&M to open $6 million research center in Israel

An article from the Times of Israel on a join research center of the University of Haifa and Texas A&M

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