Haifa Goes Global Volume II, Issue I

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It's Happening in Haifa Vol II, Issue 1

Jacob Vandor

Every Student Has A Story: Meet Jacob Vandor

“You can’t be successful professionally or academically without surrounding yourself with good people. At UHIS the professors, the students, the staff— everyone cares about you and wants you to succeed.”

Jacob Vandor studied at the University of Hawaii and received his Bachelors degree in Anthropology specializing in Underwater Archeology.During his senior year, Jacob chose to study abroad at the University of Haifa International School (UHIS) because it has a program that matched what he wanted to do. “Last year I had the opportunity to intern with the Archeology Underwater Lab which was a huge opportunity and left me with a hunch that I wanted to come back for the Masters program.

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Arabic Language, Culture and Civilization


The International School has recently launched a new study track focusing on Arabic Language, Culture and Civilization in response to the growing demand by students to concentrate in these subjects. In the course “Media in the Arab World”, taught by Professor Mary Totry and offered at the University of Haifa International School for the first time, students will examine how media shapes public opinion on the Arab world by analyzing both digital and social media— of which both had a significant role in the Arab Spring protests.


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A Summer to Remember: Academic Study Tour

Looking for a great way to spend your summer or get ahead academically? Why not explore Israel? This summer, the University of Haifa International School is pioneering a brand new four-week program. Come to the University of Haifa International School’s to experience one of the new summer courses—Innovation in a Nation: The Israeli Phenomenon, Israel: A Mosaic of Culture, Religion and History-Academic Tour, Green Technologies: Sustainability and the Environment in Israel, Terrorism and Responses, and Israel: Society and Politics.


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Like Father, Like Daughter: Rosenbloom Family Experience in Haifa


For Maya Rosenbloom, the decision to study at the University of Haifa for a semester was a ‘family affair.’ Phil Rosenbloom, Maya’s father, says that thirty-two years ago his alma mater, Stanford University, coordinated an overseas program with the University of Haifa, which was perfect for him because he “wanted to go to Israel, and going along with the Stanford program made the most sense.” So it is not surprising that his daughter Maya, a junior at Michigan State University, also decided to study at the University of Haifa. Maya chose to study abroad here because she wanted a unique experience and after taking a family trip to Israel and visiting the campus, she was sold.

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