Haifa Goes Global Volume I, Issue 3

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It's Happening in Haifa Vol I, Issue 3


Every Student Has A Story: Meet Mary Henry

"What's a nice girl from Reno, Nevada doing at the University of Haifa?" Mary Henry, who is enrolled in the MA Program in Holocaust Studies, was born, raised and educated in Reno, Nevada. Mary first got the international bug when she went on a study abroad program to Germany during her undergraduate studies at the University of Nevada. That experience may have planted the first seeds in her interest in Holocaust studies, and her desire to travel around the world.

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Next Stop, Haifa! University of Richmond
"Peace and Conflict" Faculty Seminar

As part of the deepening relationship between the University of Richmond and the University of Haifa, a group of ten faculty members from a range of academic disciplines spent five intensive days at the University of Haifa, taking part in classes, seminars, workshops as well as touring the city of Haifa.

The “Peace & Conflict Management” seminar brought the University of Richmond faculty to visit Jordan, Israel, Serbia and Kosovo. Here in Israel they were hosted by the University of Haifa International School in an academic program designed by Prof. Benny Miller, Professor of International Relations in the School of Political Science.

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For the Faculty of Law,
Internationalization is 'Business as Usual'

The University of Haifa Faculty of Law has been accepting students from around the world, as well as sending their students to universities around the world, for 10 years.

Kalanit Kleemer, program coordinator, says, “It’s a unique program and both students and professors are invited to come here. Our Law School hosts visiting professors from some of the top Law Schools in the world, including NYU, Harvard and Oxford. &Both students and faculty benefit from this unique learning experience.

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More than Just Study Abroad Jump Start Your Career with a UHIS Internship

Since 1994 the University of Haifa International School has been welcoming students from around the world to take part in this unique academic internship program. Many apply every year, but usually only about 15 are eligible to participate in the program that lets students gain actual, hands-on, work experience in their field of choice, while also earning college credit. Students can intern 10 hours per week and receive 3 transferable college credits.
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