University of Haifa visits ECNU in December 2015

University of Haifa Rector Prof. David Faraggi visits East China Normal University (ECNU), following the opening of the Shanghai Haifa International Research Center on ECNU's campus. 



At the end of December, the Rector of University of Haifa Prof. David Faraggi visited East China Normal University (ECNU) along with four professors from the Statistics Department. This visit accelerated the existing partnership and cooperation between both universities under the framework of the Shanghai Haifa International Research Center (SHIRC), which was inaugurated in April 2015 by both sides.

During this visit, Prof. Faraggi met with ECNU’s faculty members from various fields including statistics, neurobiology, education, ecology, management and economics. The short visit was an important stepping stone in seeing first-hand the accomplishments of the partnership and initiating further collaborations. According to ECNU’s president Prof. Chen Qun, “Since the establishment of SHIRC, the corporative fields between ECNU and Haifa U have been expanded and the level of cooperation is also lifted to a new stage”. Prof. Chen, the president of ECNU, introduced ECNU’s new facility development program, which is sponsored by Shanghai's municipality government and located in a Chinese National Hi-tech park. He expressed ECNU’s vision to expand the cooperation with the University of Haifa in natural science under this new program, as well.

Based on agreements reached during this visit, both universities will start cooperation on joint Ph.D. programs, faculty exchange, 3+1 programs for a Global Green MBA and in the field of Data Sciences, as well as a Chinese training program from 2016. At the same time, delegations comprised of MBA and undergraduate students from ECNU will visit Haifa again. 

The Shanghai-Haifa International Research Centre (SHIRC) was founded in partnership between the University of Haifa and East China Normal University (in China). It is the first joint Israeli-Chinese academic research institution to be set up in Shanghai. Researchers from the two universities launch and promote major innovation projects and conduct programs of cooperation and exchange in various fields through the support of the center. The collaboration between the universities will enable Israeli and Chinese researchers to submit research proposals to Chinese research funds.

At the SHIRC, Mr. Parker Xu is employed by the University of Haifa and is currently the coordinator of the research center. His responsibility is to facilitate the activities and academic partnerships that exist between the two universities from the ground in Shanghai.